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Hohmann & Barnard Volcano Rod
Hohmann & Barnard Volcano Rod

Hohmann & Barnard Volcano Rod

Hohmann & Barnard

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Hohmann & Barnard Hot Rod Heater Sand Pile Water Barrel Masonry Heater

AKA "Volcano" Rod

Keep your project on track in any weather with the Hohmann & Barnard Volcano Rod!

  • Built specifically for wintertime masonry use.
  • Designed to keep 5 tons of sand and 50 gallons of water hot.
  • Relies on an internal thermostat to cycle heat times.
  • Can be used when temperatures are as low as -1° Fahrenheit.

This tool is designed to heat all day while you work. The Volcano Rod radiates heat specifically to keep sand and water from freezing. Buy this valuable equipment from our masonry supply store today to save time and money. The math shows that your heater can be paid off in just two weeks of cold-weather labor! Buy from MasonryDirect today for the best results, and be sure to shop all of our masonry supplies and equipment online to find what you need to get the job done right!

  • Compact size — 16” x 38” x 1”
  • Weighs less than five pounds
  • Comprised of a one-piece stainless steel construction