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Hohmann & Barnard Sealant Quart Cartridge (Box of 12)
Hohmann & Barnard Sealant Quart Cartridge (Box of 12)
Hohmann & Barnard Sealant Quart Cartridge (Box of 12)

Hohmann & Barnard Sealant Quart Cartridge (Box of 12)

Hohmann & Barnard

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HB SEALANT is a multi-purpose, resilient joint sealant that combines economy and high performance. It is ideal for a wide range of applications where joint movement requires compression and extension in excess of 25%. Because HB SEALANT is a moisture-curing polyether sealant, it is effective in damp, dry or cold climates and is free of solvents and isocyanates. It will not shrink upon curing, bubble on damp surfaces as polyurethanes sealants often do, or discolor when exposed to UV light. HB SEALANT has excellent elastomeric properties and adheres to most construction materials including difficult surfaces such as Kynar 500® PVDF and other anodized metals and coatings. HB SEALANT is effective in many difficult construction site conditions: It can be applied to damp surfaces at temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C).

Basic Uses:

  • Expansion joints
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Block and Masonry
  • Curtain Walls
  • Window and door frame
  • Siding
  • Parapets
  • Parapets
  • Cove Joints
  • Transportation
  • Weather Sealing

Compatible Substrates:

Test and evaluate to ensure adequate adhesion.

  • Concrete
  • Block & Brick
  • Stone
  • Masonry
  • Aluminum & Galvanized Metal
  • Wood
  • Engineered Plastics, Vinyl, PVC
  • Glass
  • Fiberglass FRP
  • EPS Foam


  • Horizontal applications will require tooling.

  • In areas where prolonged chemical exposure is anticipated, contact us for recommendations.

  • Allow treated wood to “cure” for six months prior to application per APA guidelines.

  • Do not use in areas subject to continuous immersion.

  • Do not store in elevated temperatures.

  • Allow asphalt to cure a minimum of six months before applying HB SEALANT

  • Remove all coatings and sealers before application.

  • For applications below 32°F (0°C) contact Hohmann & Barnard for more information.

  • Test and evaluate all paints before application. Polyurethane and oil based paints may dry slowly.

  • Do not use on TPO without priming first.


HB Sealant Submittal

HB Sealant SDS