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Masonry Supplies

Wholesale Masonry Tools and More

Wholesale Masonry Tools and More Masonry Direct is here to help you get the job done in a way that cuts costs and creates a better result. After serving local contractors for more than 100 years, our masonry supply store is happy to help professionals find the equipment and materials they need online. Learn more about our inventory of masonry supplies here, and be sure to shop our store to find what you need, at prices that make sense!

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone siding relies on architectural stone veneer or thin bricks to generate high-quality aesthetics without the need for structural bracing. Manufactured stone is lightweight, durable, and designed to resemble real marble, granite, and other natural surfaces. Masonry Direct supplies a full range of Prestige Stone Products to get the job done right. Find stone veneers in our convenient Handy Pak sizes to cover projects in less time, saving you money while delivering proven results.


Masonry flashing is essential in protecting structures and interior surfaces from moisture infiltration. Masonry Direct offers flashing from top-quality makers including Hohmann & Barnard, Master Wall, Prosoco, and more. Find through-wall flashing to divert moisture from inside the wall to the outside world, stop moisture before it enters CMU walls, and more. From corners and end dams to flashing membranes, tape, and everything in between, rely on our store to provide everything your crew needs to get the job done.

Cavity Drainage

Proper filtration of water out to the floor junction and away from the interior of your structure is essential in keeping your work safe from future harm. Cavity drainage membrane systems help to collect and divert water away from structures into a collection point (such as a sump and pump) for convenient disposal. You can find the right drainage systems for every project through our masonry supply store. Contact us for assistance!

Wall Ties and Anchors

Anchors and ties for masonry and stone systems help to provide support in both seismic and non-seismic conditions. An ideal design helps to provide a connection between walls and load-bearing structures, transfer the stress of lateral loads, and allow for proper control of differential movements. Shop our masonry supplies for the wall ties and anchors you need, and be sure to buy in bulk to save even more off our low prices!

Masonry Reinforcement

Wall structures rely on reinforcement through structural steel and patching systems to deliver a stronger, safer outcome for future use. Masonry Direct can help you find the masonry supplies to reinforce your project, including repair systems and bracing for rebar support. Create a stronger wall by filling the blocks with grout or mortar materials with the right reinforcement.

Control Joints

Rubber and PVC control joints provide ideal support in the event that bricks or CMU walls begin to settle. Control joints also relieve stress due to shrinkage and expansion as a result of curing conditions, settlement, and more. Quality masonry control joints are also helpful in resisting movement and cracking as a result.

Mortar Admixtures

Mortar and concrete admixtures can help you change the properties of your material to deliver customized results across more projects, including those in need of waterproofing, added workability, faster curing times, a reduction in efflorescence, and more. Masonry Direct offers admixtures to get the job done right, and can help you achieve the best results for your specific project needs.

Masonry Tools

From mortar boards to telescoping ladders, trowels, string lines, and more, your crew relies on a lot of masonry accessories and equipment to get the job done. Our masonry supply store offers a full range of tools to help you complete the job faster and with more quality. Browse our inventory to get started, and be sure to sign up online to receive deals and clearance discounts on our top-selling inventory!


No matter your project demands, Masonry Direct is here to provide the masonry supplies and support to get the job done right. Browse our online store to get started, and feel free to contact us if you have any specific needs. We look forward to building with you!