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Rely On Our Online Masonry Supply Store for Your Essential Tools!

Rely On Our Online Masonry Supply Store for Your Essential Tools!

During these trying times, more and more people are finding themselves at home. Construction crews, on the other hand, are still in the swing of completing projects and delivering essential services across the country. Whether you’re wanting to take on your own property improvements or you’re in need of new masonry tools and supplies, it’s important to find the right gear to get the job done right.

If you’re looking for concrete tools, EIFS and stucco materials, sealants, or anything else related to your wall project, our masonry suppliers are here to help! Masonry Direct of Denver offers ideal service and cost-effective outcomes for buyers in need, relying on our industry-leading experience and partnership with well-known manufacturers to provide the highest level of quality.

Keep reading to catch up on a few vital masonry tools every contractor or DIYer needs, and be sure to check out our top products to start shopping!

Masonry Hammers

No matter your task, you will need a quality mason’s hammer to get the job done right. Carpenter’s hammers are versatile, but when it comes to masonry work, specialized features are needed to maximize beauty and minimize waste. A typical masonry hammer features a square face for pounding nails and a long chisel on the other side for splitting bricks. You can also opt for a brick hammer, which is used for chopping bricks and scoring lines for more precise breaks.

Mason’s Line

Used for simple markings to complete a wall in one shot, mason’s line is a universal tool that is tied off at each corner of the wall. Quality stringline can help to make life easier for your team, consisting of a heavy twine for durability and high-viz outcomes. Simply set your line, check for proper alignment, and set to work. Mason’s line can be utilized for a variety of projects, including the setting of forms and concrete pours.

Masonry Direct stocks a range of string products to keep your project moving smoothly, including W.Rose™ nylon lines, 1,000-foot nylon lines from Kraft Tool, and more. You can find the right color and length for any build, stocking up through our online masonry supply store in bulk to save on our already discounted prices!

Mason’s Level

This type of level is similar to a standard level, except that the masonry version tends to be very lightweight in construction and consists of plastic or wood. Those who set bricks, stones, and blocks for a living depend on the accuracy and consistency of their level, as a warped or twisted tool can severely impact the finish quality of the project. It’s important to rely on a level designed to hold up under pressure and deliver lasting results in any weather conditions.

Masonry Direct offers masonry levels ranging in size from eight inches to five feet, providing only the best masonry tools and supplies to our customers in Denver and across the country. Rely on our proven levels from Smith, featuring the finest hardwoods available.


Handheld trowels are responsible for a majority of a mason’s work, and are essential in completing a row in a timely and effective manner. Contractors depend on a wide range of trowel types to get the job done, including:

  • Brick trowels — Point-nosed in design and shaped for optimal buttering, brick trowels are the mainstay for any masonry application.
  • Finishing trowels — Flat and smooth, finishing trowels are ideal for creating straight edges and smooth finishes across concrete, grout, and mortar materials. 
  • Tuckpointing trowels — A small, chisel-like trowel designed to pack mortar between bricks and blocks, available in a variety of widths to best meet your job-specific needs.

Masonry Saws and Blades

Masons rely on both hand and power saws to cut through the hardest bricks in a clean, precise manner. You can rely on saws for clean results, provided you do not cut completely through the brick. Doing so can damage the surface beneath the brick!

Masonry Direct sells saw blades as part of our online masonry supplies for masonry and concrete applications, delivering precise cuts and durable materials to maximize your onsite efficiency.

Scrub Brushes

Masonry work is not a clean activity, and will likely result in rock chips, debris, and excess mortar. In these situations, it’s vital to have a tool such as a masonry brush on-hand. Masonry Direct provides a range of durable, effective, and affordable brushes to help contractors create clean results while also keeping their work areas free from debris. 


Contractors depend on properly mixed materials to lay brick and pour concrete. To do this, many professionals invest in a mixer to mix aggregates and binders in a variety of sizes, ranging from three cubic feet to nine cubic feet or more. Masonry Direct offers a wide range of portable mixers, steel drum mixers, and continuous mixer systems to meet every customer’s needs. We’re available to help you decide on the right mixer for the job.

Shop Our Store Today!

Masonry Direct is here and available to help DIYers and working professionals achieve the best results with timely deliveries and quality materials. With more than 100 years in the industry, our masonry suppliers are confident that we can enhance your services with ideal savings and quick response times. Shop our online store now for masonry supplies, construction tools, and more, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to speaking with you!

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