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XIM X-Tender Flow and Leveling Additive Latex Conditioner
XIM X-Tender Flow and Leveling Additive Latex Conditioner

XIM X-Tender Flow and Leveling Additive Latex Conditioner


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Designed to thin the viscosity of thick paints, primers and solid stains. Mixing ratio is 1 pint per gallon of paint or primer.Latex X-Tender™ 11071 Flow and Leveling Additive, 1 gal Container, Blue, >200 deg F Flash, Ammonia Odor.
Packing Type      :      Container
Color      :      Blue
Nominal Capacity      :      Qt, 1 gal
Composition      :      Propylene Glycol
Application Method      :      Brush, Spray
Odor/Scent      :      Ammonia
Form      :      Liquid
Flash Point      :      >200 deg F
VOC Content      :      <8 g/L




Latex X-Tender is designed to thin the viscosity of thick latex paints, primers and solid latex stains. It helps application when spraying with HVLP, allowing the thick latex paints to spray smoothly without further reducing. When adding XIM’s Latex X-Tender there will not be reduction in flash rust control or sag control of the latex paints or primers. It will not affect the paint or primer’s overall cure time, but it can extend the “wet edge” or working time. It will allow the thick latex formulations to flow out when brushing. Latex X-Tender will improve the open time of latex, varnishes and does not yellow or cloud the varnish film

  • Improves Spraying
  • Improves brushing
  • Flow and leveling additive
  • Open time extender
  • For latex paints, primers and latex varnish, waterborne DTM epoxies and finishes
  • Does not affect the final paint, varnish or coating film
  • Will not cause paints to yellow
  • Will not yellow or cloud latex or waterborne varnishes
  • Completely Safe and Biodegradable
  • Clean up with water

Standard/Approvals: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200