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SASHCO Slab 10.5oz Concrete Sealant 16210

SASHCO Slab 10.5oz Concrete Sealant 16210


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This easy-to-apply, 100% acrylic latex water-based product is textured to simulate concrete so repairs blend in. Slab is extremely elastic in most temperatures so it moves and won't crack, even when in cold temperatures.Slab® Concrete Sealant, 10.5 oz Plastic Cartridge, Gray, Fluid Paste.

Slab® is the concrete crack repair sealant you've been waiting for. Some concrete repair products are tough, but don't stick, while others are flexible but don't last. Slab combines the durability, flexibility and adhesion you need for lasting concrete crack repairs. This easy-to-apply, 1% acrylic latex Water Based product is textured to simulate concrete so repairs blend in. Plus, Slab contains no isocyanates or solvents, which means it's easy on your nose and on our planet.

  • Extremely elastic – moves, won’t crack, even when cold
  • Powerful adhesion
  • Spans gaps up to 3" wide with no slump
  • High durability – performs long-term
  • Water Based – easy to tool and clean up
  • Ultra low VOC, no isocyanates
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Exclusive stop-flow plunger
  • Full 1.5 oz. in every cartridge
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Meets strictest VOC requirements (including southern CA); environmentally friendly; no harsh chemical smells
  • No wasted caulk in cold weather
  • Less waste, less mess
  • More for your money
  • Have confidence that you’re using the right product

Standard/Approvals: ASTM C834, TT-S-23 C, FHA Requirements

Application: Sidewalks, Garages and Sheds, Driveways, Patios, Horizontal expansion joints

Packing Type      :      Plastic Cartridge
Color      :      Gray
Applicable Materials      :      Asphalt, Brick, Mortar, Concrete, Stone, Stucco, EIFS, Wood and Cinder Block
Nominal Capacity      :      10.5 oz
VOC Content      :      58 g/L
Coverage      :      26 Linear-ft at 1/4 Inch Bead
Warranty      :      Limited Lifetime
Drying Time      :      1 Week to Curing
Form      :      Fluid Paste
Specific Gravity      :      1.12
Temperature Range      :      40 - 120 deg F Application, -30 to 250 deg F Service
Odor/Scent      :      Slight Ammonia