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Prosoco AirDam Sealant 10.3 oz. Box of 20 -
Prosoco AirDam Window & Door Sealer Sealant
Prosoco AirDam Window & Door Sealer Sealant
Prosoco AirDam Window & Door Sealer Sealant

Prosoco AirDam Window & Door Sealer Sealant


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PROSOCO R-Guard® AirDam® is a gun-grade waterproofing sealant combining the best of silicone and polyurethane properties. Installed as the interior air sealant, AirDam® creates a long lasting, weather-tight seal that prevents moist outside air from entering, and conditioned indoor air from escaping around window and door assemblies. This ensures wind driven rain and condensed water are diverted to the flashing membrane and water resistive barrier before it can enter the living space.

This single component, Silyl-Terminated-Polymer (STP) is easy to gun and tool in all weather conditions. AirDam® is immediately waterproof and can be applied in unfavorable weather conditions to dry or damp substrates, eliminating many weather- related construction delays and accelerating the “drying in” of new buildings.

AirDam® cures quickly to produce a durable, high performance, high movement elastomeric sealant. Appropriate for exterior or interior use, AirDam® is easily applied with standard caulking tools. AirDam® bonds tenaciously and can be used with all types of window and door frame material – vinyl, wood or metal, including painted metal. As a properly applied interior window sealant, AirDam® can substantially reduce a building’s heating and cooling costs.


  • Solvent free. Isocyanate free. Complies with all AIM VOC regulations.
  • Silane functional polymer provides superior long term adhesion, crack bridging and weathering characteristics.
  • Bonds to most common building materials without priming.
  • Produces a durable, weather-tight seal.
  • Suitable for exterior or interior use.
  • Stops penetration of air and water under normal and extreme weather conditions.
  • Single component formulation saves time and requires no mixing.
  • Easy to gun and tool in all climates.
  • Bonds and cures in wet weather and on damp substrates.
  • Compatible with most sealants and waterproofing or air barrier components.
  • No shrinkage. No staining. Non-yellowing. • Breathable – allows damp surfaces to dry.
  • Will not support mold growth.
  • Illustrations depicting the use of PROSOCO

R-Guard® products are available at by downloading the R-Guard Installation Guidelines.


  • SHELF LIFE 1 year in tightly sealed, unopened container
  • VOC CONTENT 30 g/L maximum
  • FORM viscous white paste, mild odor
  • PH Not-applicable
  • COVERAGE RATE Coverage varies depending on the width and depth of joints. See the Product Data Sheet for more information.
  • FREEZE POINT Not applicable
  • FLASH POINT >200 ° F (>93° C)
  • WT/GAL 11.24 lbs
  • AVAILABLE SIZES 20-oz Sausage, 10.3-oz Cartridge


  • Not for use bridging gaps more than 2 inches wide. • Not for underwater applications.
  • Not for applications in direct contact with strong acids or solvents.


VOC Compliance

R-Guard AirDam® is compliant with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s AIM VOC regulations. Visit to confirm compliance with individual district or state regulations.