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Metal Lath Lock 1 1/4" Metal Washer with 1/4" Fingers (1,000 Pieces/Box)

Metal Lath Lock 1 1/4" Metal Washer with 1/4" Fingers (1,000 Pieces/Box)

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Great for attaching Metal Lath or Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation to multiple substrates

  • 1-1/4" diameter galvanized steel washer for securing metal lath wire or foam to differnet substrates.
  • Galviznized/Chromium-Plated
  • Pre-Spot Tabs
  • Lath Washer Can be Screwed, Nailed, or Shot
  • Works Well with Multiple Substrates
  • Covers Many Rigid Insulation Applicatons
  • Tapered tabs with rounded tips 5/16" leg length.
  • Holes in top allow exterior, base coatings to bond to DP500 washer face.
  • Tabs stick into insulation surface, allowing free use of the hands during fastening application.
  • Tabs resist washer rotation while screw is seated into disk face.
  • Round shape design, evenly distributes bearing load without any sharp edges or corners, minimizing damage to facer or insulation.
  • Seated plate has zero profile and will not catch the edge of the trowel.
  • Galvanized coating offers greater protection than silver zinc electroplating.
  • Galvanized coating acts as a pre-primed surface for maximum exterior coat adhesion.
  • Unique, round plate design with the outside circumference beveled up.