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Water Paint Brush White Tampico
Water Paint Brush White Tampico is a construction and masonry supply offered by Masonry Direct

Water Paint Brush White Tampico

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Masonry Direct offers this Water Paint Brush White Tampico.

Features Include:

  • Preferred by contractors for applying foundation waterproofing, kalsomine, water paints, etc
  • Heavy filled, long wearing, and durable
  • Bristles - 5 rows of white Tampico fiber

Painting can be a big part of masonry work. When applying paint to concrete, foundations, brick, tile, slate, stones, and the like, it's important to have the right products. Masonry Direct offers an array of brushes and accessories to meet your painting needs, including this water paint brush. Tampico comes from two agave species that grow in the Mexican highlands. Known for their high resiliency and high capacity for water absorption, these bristles were made to offer a superior paint job every time. If you are looking for the highest quality water paint brush for your masonry or construction applications, order this water paint brush today!

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