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Homax 9324 Tile Guard Silicone Tile Grout Sealer 22oz Spray

Homax 9324 Tile Guard Silicone Tile Grout Sealer 22oz Spray


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Provides good protection against water-based stains and forms a physical barrier against mold and mildew stains. Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.Tile Guard® Silicone Tile Grout Sealer, 22 oz, Clear, Liquid.
Resists      :      Water, Co2 and Dry Chemical
Color      :      Clear
Nominal Capacity      :      22 oz
Coverage      :      50 - 150 sq-ft
Form      :      Liquid
pH Range      :      11.85 pH
Specific Gravity      :      1
VOC Content      :      <0.1 g/L




Tile Guard® Penetrating Grout Sealer seals and protects grout against stains from water and oil-based liquids. Penetrating below the surface, it provides stain protection while also allowing moisture to escape so it can be used 2 weeks after grouting.

  • Be sure grout is dry before sealing; wait 2 weeks after grouting to seal
  • Ensure that surface is clean and dry; existing sealers and coatings should be removed prior to coating
  • Surface temperature should be between 5°F and 8°F when sealer is applied. Sealer should not have contact with any non-recommended surface; (if this happens and sealer dries to create a white film, scrub surface with water and a white nylon pad.) Not to be used on food preparation surfaces.
  • Apply 1 to 3 coats of Tile Guard® Penetrating Grout Sealer. Wipe up excess sealer where pools remain.