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Homax 613 Jasco Cure Seal 1 Gallon

Homax 613 Jasco Cure Seal 1 Gallon


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Formulated for professionals, but easy and safe enough for use by homeowners. Its clear finish slightly darkens surfaces, giving it a natural "wet-look" that will not yellow. Resists penetration of auto oil, grease, rust, water stains, food and juice reducing stains. Helps eliminate freeze-thaw, concrete dusting and even reduces efflorescence. Abrasion-resistant, non-flammable, low odor.Homax® 613 Wet Look Cure Seal, 1 gal, Milky White, Gloss, >200 deg F Flash, Fishy Odor.
Resists      :      Hot Tire Pick-up, Oil, Road Salt Damage, Rust and Stain
Includes      :      Acrylic Polymer
Color      :      Milky White
Applicable Materials      :      Concrete, Brick, Terrazzo, Flagstone, Quarry Tile, Patios and Stepping Stones
Flash Point      :      >200 deg F
Nominal Capacity      :      1 gal
Odor/Scent      :      Fishy
Form      :      Liquid
Finish      :      Gloss




Beautifies and protects from oil, rust, water stains, and food and juice stains. Can be applied to old or new concrete, brick, exposed aggregate, terrazzo, flagstone, quarry tile, patios, driveways, walkways, stepping stones, carports, & garage floors. Wet Look Cure-Seal slightly darkens surfaces, giving a clean natural “wet-look” that will not yellow. Its tough, abrasion resistant, non-flammable and low odor properties make it easy to use and maintain. Also used as curing agent for fresh concrete. Eliminates spalling (freeze-thaw), concrete dusting and reduces efflorescence (chalky discoloration). Resists hot tire pick-up, road salt damage and stain.

Application: Old/New Concrete, Brick, Exposed Aggregate, Terrazzo, Flagstone, Quarry Tile, Patios, Driveways, Walkways, Stepping Stones, Carports and Garage Floors.