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Hohmann & Barnard Flex-Flash 3" x 8' length

Hohmann & Barnard Flex-Flash 3" x 8' length

Hohmann & Barnard

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H&B’s Flex-Flash® Drip Edge is a 3" wide by 45-mil thick product formulated with Elvaloy® Kee*.

  • Available in colors to match mortar and / or brick (see list below).
  • Extremely tough, with excellent impact and tear resistance
  • Flexibility is maintained in all weather environments, even in extreme heat or cold
  • Highly resistant to oils and repels most chemicals
  • Not susceptible to UV degradation
  • Compatible with most silicone and urethane sealants.

* Elvaloy is a registered trademark of the DuPont Company.


Patents Pending

Available colors:


Flex Flash® Drip Edge Performance Data

Tear Strength

  ASTM D-751, A  
    Machine Direction 100.44 (lbf)
    Cross Machine Direction 87.10 (lbf)
Tear Strength at Break  
  ASTM D-751, A  
    Machine Direction 337.25 (lbf)
    Cross Machine Direction 323.10 (lbf)
Elongation at Break  
  ASTM D-751, A  
    Machine Direction 34.49%
    Cross Machine Direction 26.51%
Seam Strength  
  ASTM D-751 370.88 (lbf)
Puncture Resistance  
  ASTM D-751 73.22 (lbf)
Heat Aging of Membrane  
    Break Strength at Break N/A
    Elongation at Break N/A
Dimensional Stability  
  ASTM D-1204 (for 6 hrs. @ 176) N/A
Water Absorption  
    ASTM D-570 (for 48 hrs. @ 70) N/A

Sealant Compatibility

Company Product Primer Required
SIKA Sikaflex-1A #260-205
Sonneborn Sonolastic NP1 #733
Tremco Dymonic #6 or #17
Dow Corning 790 & 791 1200 Prime Coat
  795 (Dark colors only) 1205 Prime Coat
GE Silicones Silpruf® SS4179
Pecora 890 & 895 P-120
Tremco Spectrem 2 #10