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Gaco GRT50 GacoRoof 2" X 50' Self-Adhesive Seam Tape

Gaco GRT50 GacoRoof 2" X 50' Self-Adhesive Seam Tape


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RoofTape is a fleece-backed self-adhesive tape consisting of butyls and EPDM rubber. RoofTape has excellent adhesive qualities and is highly resistant to temperature extremes and harsh UV rays. Its unique properties allow it to conform to just about any roof surface, providing a durable watertight seal. RoofTape is intended for sealing seams, fasteners, edge transitions, small cracks, vents and drains before application of GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating.
Length      :      50 ft
Width      :      2 Inch
Type      :      Self-Adhesive
Resists      :      Puncture, Ponding Water, Tear, Temperature and UV Rays




Self-adhesive seam tape for Gaco Roof. Use for seams, joints, flashings, fasteners - and dissimilar surfaces - fast and easy to apply. Puncture and tear resistant. Conforms to the surface to which it is applied. Highly resistant to UV rays, ponding water - and temperature extremes. Excellent for RV's and mobile homes

  • Self-adhesive roof tape to be used on all seams, along flashing and any changes in plane before applying GacoRoof

Application: Seams, Joints, Flashings, Fasteners - and Dissimilar Surfaces