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Control Fibers
Control Fibers
Control Fibers
Control Fibers

Control Fibers

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Control Fibers Help Prevent Cracking When Added to EIFS and Hardcoat Stucco

* Also available upon request are special sprayable fibers

Fiber for Secondary Reinforcement of Stucco, Plaster, Repair Mortars

• Single-strand, multi-filament fibers specifically engineered for use in gun- or trowelapplied scratch and brown-coat plaster.

• Three-dimensional reinforcement with high dispensability/dispersion.

• Produce quick-finish, hairless, smooth surface.

• Resistance to alkalis extremely effective in reducing plastic-shrinkage cracking.

• No build-up on pump screens.

• No effect on workability.

• Proven to outperform other synthetic fibers for shrinkage and panel cracking.

• Increase impact resistance.

• Millions of fibers per dose/mix.

• Increase durability and service life.

• Lower water migration.

• Enhance bond to matrix due to water absorption properties.