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BOSS® 363 50 Year Caulk with Silicone 10.1 oz, 12/Case

BOSS® 363 50 Year Caulk with Silicone 10.1 oz, 12/Case


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Product Description

BOSS 363 Sealant Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone is designedfor both interior and exterior use. BOSS 363 Sealant AcrylicLatex Caulk with Silicone forms a tough, flexible resilient bond toall building material surfaces. It has excellent resistance to water,weathering and moisture vapor. BOSS 363 cures to produce aflexible seal that is non-yellowing.

  • Sealing around window and door frames
  • Sealing around baseboards
  • Sealing around trim
  • Sealing anywhere a weathertight seal is desired
  • Sealing corner joints
  • Sealing where siding meets trim
Typical Properties:
% Non-Volatile, by weight (colors) 81%
% Non-Volatile, by weight (clear) 61%
% Volume Shrinkage: ASTM C-733-87 28%
Weight per gallon, approximate (colors) 13.5 lb./gal
Weight per gallon, approximate (clear) 9.1 lb./gal
pH 8.0
Tack-Free Time: ASTM D-2377-84 25 minutes
Weather Resistance: ASTM C-732-82 No washout, discoloration, loss of adhesion or cracking after 500 hours weathering
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM C-734-82 No cracking through to substrate or adhesion loss
Extrudability after Package Aging (freeze-thaw stability)ASTM C-731-87 16.1 grams/second
Volatile Organic Content (VOC-minus water) 28 grams/liter
Service Temperature -20°F to 185°F
Application Temperature 40°F to 110°F