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Construction is a hard job, there's no question about that. It's physically demanding and requires precision, focus, and expertise. After all, construction workers are responsible for putting together buildings that many people will occupy. It's important that they can stand the test of time to keep everyone safe. Masonry Direct offers the best construction supplies online. From construction adhesives and new construction cleaners to construction tools and paint supplies, we've got your needs covered. Our fourth-generation, family-owned and operated masonry and construction supply company has been going strong since 1888. With an eye towards providing the highest-quality construction and masonry products alongside the best customer service, our construction supply company promises to help make your job a bit easier. Shop our construction and building materials online today!


  • New construction
  • cleaners
  • Construction adhesives
  • Caulking
  • Stucco tools and accessories
  • Ladders
  • Safety equipment
  • Fasteners
  • Paint supplies
  • Construction tools
  • And so much more!


As a small business owner, construction project manager, custom home builder, mason, carpenter, and more, you have a million things to do. From procuring work and following through with that work to ensuring the customer is completely satisfied, every day there can be something else that comes up that you have to attend to. The bills have to pay, as well as your employees, heavy equipment managed, subcontractors to hire, and permits to pull. Your to-do list probably is never completed. Thus, having the ability to order construction materials online can be a lifesaver. First, you save time having to go and get the construction materials, or you save an employee's time. The construction materials arrive wherever you need them sent, either your office or your job site. And you don't have to worry about transporting them either. The convenience alone is worth its weight in gold. Plus, you don't have to waste time trying to navigate a store environment, find your goods, stand in line, drive there, and more. You often can find lower prices online, which saves you money, too. You may have more variety, and you can shop when it suits you, even late at night when most traditional stores have closed. Masonry Direct offers the best construction supplies and materials online. Order from us today!
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  • - High-quality products. It can be hard to know the quality of your construction supplies, even when you do shop in person. Thus, having a high-quality construction supplier that you can trust can be invaluable. You don't have to worry about your construction supplies showing up broken or ones that will not last. In sum, you can order worry-free.
  • - Top-notch service.A high-quality construction supplier, such as Masonry Direct, offers the highest in customer service. You want someone whom if there is a problem, you can contact and you know that your problem will be corrected immediately.
  • - Reliable. You need to know that your construction supplies and materials will show up on time. Delays in deliveries or construction products that aren't shipped on time result in costly delays on your end. This can most definitely impact your bottom line.
  • - Supportive. Ultimately, business owners, including those in the construction industry, look for partners who are supportive of their business. This includes having the construction supplies and materials they need when they need them, being responsive to customer feedback, and always striving to improve their customer experience and their construction material offerings.
Masonry Direct has been a leader in the construction supplies industry for over 100 years. We've made it this far by our attention to detail and the customer and by our hard work to stay innovative and meet our customers' demands. Shop our construction supplies online today!
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With over 100 years in the construction supply business, we've learned a thing or two about taking care of the customer. We've learned that by consistently offering the highest-quality products that solve the problems and meet the needs of our customers and by offering the best customer care, our customers will be responsive. They will not only continue to shop with us, but they will also refer their friends. We are constantly innovating, staying abreast of the changes in technology and products and investing in them when we feel that our customers could benefit. From sealants and construction tools to EIFS/stucco products and paint supplies, we have what your construction and masonry business needs. Masonry Direct offers added value, convenience, ease, and reliability. We offer a great customer service team who can answer all of your questions and help with quality concerns or shipping issues. If you are looking for the best construction and masonry products, order our construction and building materials today!

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